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These calendars with Sally Babcock's unique and expressive artwork
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On Friday, 20 June, Evie Fieseler writes: Time to work some more magic

Jan Wiles, Dog Coordinator, Oklahoma Airedale Rescue, wrote:

I've been reading all the posts about networking and helping each other. Oklahoma needs your help. We have no funds since we are new and now have a one-year-old female ADT and two three-month-old female puppies that were dumped in a rural area of Oklahoma. Mom looks to be purebred, but the puppies look like mixes. One looks 99% ADT, the other looks to be more of a mix. What do we do? Take mom, let the puppies die? Take all three of them and try to find homes for all?



Oklahoma does not have any good applicants or homes for any dogs. I am setting up a booth at a Pet Festival on June 28 & 29 in hopes of getting us known in the community. Can some of the surrounding states help us out? We have only one foster, and she is caring for a four-mont-old male that the Tulsa Animal Shelter called us about. We are getting him on Saturday. Now is the time for some of the networking that has been discussed recently and helping out all Airedales.

Jan is going to be out of town from the 20th to the 24th, and Marilyn Doudt is the interim contact.



Thanks for . . . well, just thanks. I know we can help something good happen for all three of these sweeties!



Marilyn Doudt writes:

The Tulsa, Oklahoma mom and pups are at a kill shelter. The local Humane Society volunteer has put them under her wing since they are all so sweet to give them a reprieve for a few days, but are full and can't keep the dogs. So their outcome isn't looking good. These dogs need a foster and a Guardian Angel to watch over them. Jan has no funds for Oklahoma since Rescue is new in Oklahoma so can't take mixes as she has no fosters or resources to do pay for them. Airedale Rescue is full of purebreds as Sidney has said. We have seven in North Texas and are overextended. So what is the solution for these guys? The hardest part of Rescue is being an Angel of Death for dogs on deciding if they are purebred and can someone take them if they look almost Airedale.

I do know someone who will get them from the pound if there is someplace for them to go. They can be pulled and kenneled in Tulsa if there are funds, but they will still need some work and TLC to be able to place these dogs in inside homes. Because Oklahoma has very few good adoptive families, it will take help from other states to get these dogs loving homes.

I'm sure where there is a will, there is a way to get these dogs to a foster home out of state or potential foster to adopt homes.



Then Evie writes:

Marilyn has a foster home in Utah ready and waiting! The foster mom Nicole has a forever home already ready and waiting for some combination of the three, but I'm not sure what. Things are moving fast!

And a little later . . .

I just heard from the Tulsa Humane Society person who is Marilyn's contact for the mom and two baby 'Dales. She's got them out of the shelter at her house, waiting to hear from Marilyn what the next move will be! Oh, I forgot to ask her, but it sounds like maybe there won't be any shelter fees. That'll help!

These three are going to have a life, thanks to all of you!


For every $5.00 donated to THE TULSA TRIO, you will receive one doggie 'dana from ANDREA'S DOGGIE 'DANAS in SIZE LARGE. You can choose the month(s), but the fabric design choice is up to Andréa.

ALSO, for the first 20 donations of $20.00 or more, Linda Cunningham has donated HOME AT LAST pins. (made by Linda & her mom). Bandana and blanket colors may vary. The dog measures .5" x 2.5"


The accompanying card states:

This "Home at Last" pin is yet another adaptation of the drawing by Christie Williams. It depicts an Airedale puppy who had a rough time during his first six months of life. Like Christie' own Erin, many Airedales who enter Rescue, do so before their first birthday. This is because the cute little fur balls surprise unprepared owners by quickly becoming large and sassy and out of control. Often these sweet puppies find themselves abandoned or abused because their owners don't understand the Airedale spirit that is appreciated by true Airedale lovers. But this puppy is one of the lucky ones. He was rescued from his terrible situation, fostered by loving supporters of Airedale rescue, and matched with his perfect "forever home". He is shown sleeping soundly, after a rowdy walk in the woods. Like many of us, his loving owners provide only the best, and have allowed him to sleep on a treasured quilt while chasing squirrels in his dreams.

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All pictures used with the kind permission of Sidney Hardie


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