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3 AUGUST 2011

BJ Isaacs writes:

Peggy & I were on vacation in Flagler Beach, Florida
(staying with Jean & Wade Thompson, who adopted Bodie).


While there I always check my email;
a rescuer's life is not her own
and there is no such thing as a "real vacation".
Anyway I digress. I had a SOS Code Red
from another rescue group regarding Riley
a nine-year-old male in Georgia
who had been surrendered to the
shelter along with a pug.
Riley was not doing well in the shelter;
unless he was adopted or rescued by
2 August, he would be PTS.

I immediately emailed the shelter and started working on getting him "SAVED".
I told them I would take him and that we would be coming
through Georgia on Monday or Tuesday of the following week.
(She never told me the shelter was closed on Mondays.)
Peggy had a family emergency, so we had to leave on Monday morning.
I emailed the rescue person at the shelter,
telling her that we were leaving on Monday
and to please call me if there was a problem.

Peggy & I arrived at the shelter; no one is there!
We found a place with WiFi so we could check if she had emailed me.
Yep, she had, but didn't offer to meet us or anything.
I was furious.


Anyway, I got on the phone, calling & texting people in Georgia.
Amen & hallejuah, Bill Schumacher texted me back to say,
"I'll get him."
(Bill was bringing Bennie to me by plane the next day so,
when he picked up Riley, he just drove up.

When Bill arrived to get Riley, he had to wait,
as they hadn't told him they didn't open til 10 for pickups.
Oh well, Bill got him and drove to Kentucky with both of them.


Our dear Riley had to have his teeth cleaned;
my vet found a spot on Riley's right eye,
so I made an appointment with Eye Care for Animals in Louisville.
Dr. Clark examined Riley - whom he called a riot -
and found he had infection in both eyes.

Riley has juvenile cataracts, he decided,
and the right eye was becoming like a raisin (shriveling lens).
Dr. Clark said that removing the left cataract would leave Riley
with 90-95% vision. But, we had to do an ERG vision test
to see if removing the cataract would be worthwhile.

Peggy & I took Riley to see Dr. Clark in Louisville,
Monday, 12 September. After the ERG,
Dr. Clark came to speak with us: Riley's right eye
cannot be repaired; the retina has already detached.

However, the left eye is a GREAT candidate for cataract removal.
Dr. Clark thinks that Riley is a great little guy
who will highly adoptable after the surgery.


Now, a little about Riley: He is AWESOME.
He's a happy little guy who plays with his toys,
with the fosters & with me.
He runs into things but just keeps right on truckin'.
Riley is a hoot; he jumps like a rabbit,
and keeps me entertained. I love him to pieces
and if we can raise enough money for his cataract removal,
he will be even more of a hoot.

Please help Riley to live a better life;
donate for his surgery because at this time, without your help,
CRUSA cannot afford to give it to him.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Peggy Nalley adds:

Yes he is a hoot . . . doesn't mind having drops put in his eyes, either.
It's amazing how he gets around;
just keep calling his name and he comes to the sound.
He is a darling, to say the least.


I forgot to add that about his name;
yep, you just call his name and he follows your voice.
He's such a dollbaby!


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