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31 JULY 2010


Peggy Nalley writes:

Saylor is a four- or five-year-old neutered male. He was a stray wondering in a field in Jefferson County, Kentucky. He was taken to Metro Animal Services, which is a kill shelter. He was attacked by another dog in the kennel and thus the tip of his tail was bitten. He was taken to the vet on intake, 31 July, to have his wounds taken care of.


The Little Lost Sailor . . . Saylor

Day 1 - 31 July

Yo there, maties, my name is Saylor. I am a lost little sailor at sea without a ship or captain. I was found wondering a big vast sea of fields with no ship in sight. Finally a pirate ship found me and took me to their leader where I was placed in the hull with other lost sailors where I was attacked and my tail was injured and may have to be amputated.


I was in this vast ship of barking sailors for a week before I was finally rescued by a great captain with a gentle hand and kind voice took me away. She took me straight to another ship that had medical sailors that handled me with kid gloves & love & care. My eyes were infected and my tail was in great pain due to my injury. I smelled of urine & feces from the pirate ship - stinky! I got this glorious bath, and now I smell like an ocean breeze. I also have a slight cold with sneezing which is bronchitis.

I am now at this great yacht with other sailors and it is wonderful. My nurse (foster mom) is givin' me tender loving care and keeping my wound & eyes cleaned & medicated. I got this fabulous meal, clean water and then went to my bunk and fell asleep.


Day 2 - 1 August
8 AM

I woke up this morning and thought I had been dreaming, but to my delight, found it wasn't a dream. I slept thru the night on this plush blanket in the big room with wonderful smells surrounding me. It was quiet & peaceful. I've died and gone to this big beautiful sea of love.

My nurse came in this morning and talked to me with a loving voice and gently gave me a hug and said, "Good morning, Saylor how are you this morning?" I liked that very much; I tried to wag my tail, but it hurt too much, so I just licked her to let her know how happy I was even tho I was in pain.


She took me outside to this green ocean of grass so I could go potty and stretch my legs. The other mates were all wandering around and greeting me with open paws and smelling me. I was quite apprehensive with my tail and snapped at them because my tail was hurting and didn't want anyone touching it, but I could get used to this once my tail is healed.


9 AM

I have had my breakfast, got more hugs & kisses, got my eyes cleaned & medicated and my tail medicated. I'm not too keen on my tail being touched, so Nurse has to put this thing around my mouth so I don't bite her. She said she understands why I want to bite her and that's why she put this muzzle on me for her safety. She gave me lots of treats when she was finished and that was great. I'm in sailor heaven! With all this love and attention I could get used to this Yacht in no time. I've had a busy morning and now I am ready for a quiet nap on my plush blankie. See you in a little while.


12 PM

I'm not feeling too good; my tail is hurting, but my nurse says it will feel better soon. Had lunch and more meds, and just want to burrow in my blanket and dream of this wonderful yacht with all this love & care I am getting.

I slept most of the day today burrowed in my blanket and hoping my tail will stop hurting. Dreaming tomorrow will be better.


Day 3 - 2 August

I woke up this morning and I wasn't feeling good at all. I was snapping at foster mom and I really didn't mean to. My tail is hurting so bad. My tail is bleeding and foster mom has decided to take me back to the medical hospital to get some pain meds.


We arrived at the vet and have a while to wait. Foster mom is trying to keep me comfortable, but nothing is working. We get in a room and this nice Dr. Sara comes in and looks at my tail, but doesn't touch it because she knows it really hurts. I have bone showing and she doesn't think that it is going to heal on its own, so Foster Moms Peggy & Brenda and Dr. Sara decide it would be best to amputate so it will heal and relieve me of my pain. I don't quite know what is going on, but I know I am going to get great care no matter what happens. Fosters Mom Peggy & Brenda tell me good-bye, give me hugs & kisses and assure me that I will be okay.


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