Sinclair with Melissa at the vet clinic . . .

On Sunday, 24 June, Shell writes:

On Friday Sinclair received all his vetting & a neuter. Picked him up up Saturday morning and let him run in our yard for a bit before moving him on to Marge's. He is a LOVELY dog . . . very affectionate and very playful.

Unfortunately, Skippy acted very aggressively towards him (god forbid anyone should get between Skippy and "his Molly") and had him on his back begging for his life. So it was a short visit.


Sinclair only weighs 11.5 pounds and is estimated to be a bit under a year. He has a beautiful, rough wheaten coat and is just a great-looking little guy who seems to love everyone around him.


. . . and with Jim: "Why'd they leave me out in the sun for SEVEN hours?"

I'm going to take a guess that he was previously owned by a man. He took an instant liking to Jim and when Jim walked out of the back yard, Sinclair let out a low "woof" and ran to see where he had gone.








On the way to Marge's house, with a wet, but clean, head.

Paddy Paddy

The next day:

I talked to Marge on my way home this evening and she said Sinclair LOVES men. But he likes women too. She said he's a wonderful dog and he & Mickey have been playing together all day. I'm moving him tomorrow to Adam Peterson. He'll have a ball with him.

[. . . which is a purely-unintentioned pun, as Adam lives in the Wrigley Field area of Chicago -- ad]


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