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14 MAY 2009

On 4 July, Shannon Radosevich writes:


Snikkers on the day he came into CRUSA

Snikkers was found by Patti Sundling from CRUSA on Craigslist here in Milwaukee. He was eight months old, purebred, with a rehoming fee of $300.

Shell Lewis sent her an email saying we would take him if no one wanted him. She got no reply back. So I called and made arrangements to go and meet this little guy, not telling her I was with a rescue group.

I pulled up in front of her house and here comes this adorable puppy bounding down the driveway with no leash on . . . I almost died! I talked with the owner for quite a while. She was letting him go because the pet store where she bought him from had told her he would be a small dog and he was getting "too big". She had already purchased a smaller dog who was going to weigh five pounds at the most full grown. Oh yeah, and the dog before Snikkers shed too much, and the one before that was a bit aggressive . . . get the picture?

I left after making her an offer, a low offer, and she said she'd let me know. I went home and told Joe if we had to buy this dog ourselves we would just have to. I wasn't leaving it in that home. They lived on a street not far from one of the busiest streets in Milwaukee. If he was allowed free to roam the neighborhood, it probably wouldn't be long before he was killed by a car. And he was only eight months old!!


I got a call that night and she agreed to my offer and I could come and get him that weekend. Then it was on Monday, then Tuesday, then Wednesday. I was getting worried she wasn't going to let me have him.

There were three kids involved in loving this dog, so it ended up being a big mess . . . and her not wanting to take responsibility for the decision to get rid of yet another one of their dogs. I was never so happy to just grab a dog and run!

Then the phone calls started, wanting me to bring him over for the kids . . . emails coming from her 12-year-old daughter, begging to see him . . . they wanted visitation rights . . . and on and on.

I took Snikkers back once, hoping this would appease them and they would leave me alone! While I was there I told her it would be best for all involved that we sever the ties and be done with it. I haven't heard from her since . . . a bit "wacko" to say the least!

Snikkers ended up being your typical Cairn puppy. . . all attitude. . . and so darn cute! He was a handful, thinking he was the alpha in the house! He kept attacking our Mickey who, after about two weeks of this, decided enough is enough and started fighting back. Maggy just lay on the couch watching it all.

Joe & I kept alpha rolling him and he finally seemed to get it! He would flop on the floor and roll over and offer us his belly to rub! The "attacks" became fewer and finally stopped all together.

He loved Maggy . . . always biting at her, trying to get her to play . . . nope, she wasn't having any of that.

So he made friends with Chester the Westie next door and they ran and ran around and around the yard! Snikkers was in heaven to find a friend. Joe & I grew to really love this little guy! He was funny, affectionate & sassy, all rolled into one. He was starting to fit into our household really well . . . no more problems. How far he had come . . . .

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