12 NOVEMBER 2013

After their spaying on Monday,
Sweet Pea & Heather were transported to their Foster Homes.
This is their story:


Colleen writes:

Sweet Pea made it back to my office and has been resting easily.
There was a bit of shaking at first,
but she found a nice bed out in the open
where she can watch me work.
and since she doesn't know how to climb stairs,
the five steps down to the rest of the office
have kept her nicely in one area.

She has held her bladder until we go outside so far
and has had no accidents.

She does have a badly-mattered right eye and
she appears to me to have some sight loss in her left eye.
Even in these photos you can see the difference in the two eyes.
She has cataracts and I would guess that she is much older than five.
From the condition of her mammaries, she has had puppies,
and not that long ago.


She prefers the outside,
showing a preference for being out-of-doors to the point
that I have to carry her to come inside.
She also smells like a mill dog and has that distinctive odor that I hate.

She is not overly shy;
she has responded very well (submissively) to the dogs at work
and she ate a small amount of moist food.
She had a few front teeth removed,
which gives her a very funny smile when her mouth is open.
I have taken to calling her "Snaggle" because of her missing teeth,
but that probably isn't a good choice for getting her adopted.


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