13 NOVEMBER 2013


Dulci on the ride to Woodhull to pick up Daffodil.
Little did she know what was in store for her happy little home.

I am fostering Daffodil (whom I'm calling Lilly
because Daffy does not suit her personality . . . she is so sweet).
This is my first foster. I have lots of love . . . and lots to learn,
but so far the love is all I need.
She is making so much progress already. She is a doll & adorable.


Daffodil in her crate for the ride home

Daffodil is very small & timid, but warming up fast.
I think she is the age the breeder stated, five years.
She is nowhere near the 19.9 pounds the vet estimated, though.
She seems healthy, but her back legs seem stiff.
I have not had her to the vet yet.

She was very good during her bath (though it took two of us
to accomplish it . . . THANKS, Gayle Kiesow).


Daffodil's beautiful, silky fur

She loves to sleep on my chest as I watch TV in the recliner.
She is a love lump.

She finally pooped yesterday (much to my relief)
and did a fantastic one this morning.
She is eating the Blue Buffalo dry food and seems to like it.
She also enjoys the Blue Buffalo Pumpkin & Cinnamon cookies.
She tinkles as soon as I let her out . . . on three legs . . .
and has had only four wet diapers.


Daffodil in her bedroom

She is very sweet. Her tail wags all the time now.
Unfortunately, the baby gate is getting a workout
to keep her and my dog, Dulci, separated.
Neither cares for the other. There has been way too much
growling, barking & snarling through the baby gate.
But, I knew Dulci would have problems . . .
she is very jealous of other dogs getting near me.
Dulci is also very selfish with her toys, especially her ball.


Daffodil coming in from outside

I wish I could let them out to interact more,
but they got into a snarling match outside and I don't want
any more of those . . . I don't want anyone injured
and it makes me cry when they fight. For now,
they are taking turns having the run of the house.

Truth be told, though, Daffodil doesn't like Dulci either . . .
and starts the grumbling/snarling just as often as Dulci does.

Dulci is not a lap dog, so in that respect, Daffodil has me all to herself
and just loves curling up on my lap and cuddling.
She is going to be a fantastic dog for someone.


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