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16 JUNE 2011


Linda Savage writes:

On June 16, 2011 I got a phone call from an Ashly Henderson in the morning asking me if I was with Cairn Terrier Rescue. She told me that when she left her house at 6:30 AM to go to work, there was a dog sitting on her porch with two bowls of dog food and & one bowl of water. The dog food bowls were in the shape of cowboy hats.

She is house-sitting her neighbor's house, so she took this little guy over to that house and put him in the backyard. She took a picture of him and asked the people at work (at a doggie day care) what kind of dog he was. They told her that he was a Cairn Terrier. She called Potomac Cairn Terrier Club Rescue and they referred her to me and CRUSA as they do not have foster homes.

I had her send me a picture of this little guy and yes, he is a Cairn.

I called Debbie Hodgens, who lives near where this little guy was staying. When Debbie got to the house, he was in the backyard, just sitting there next to his food bowls. Debbie put a collar, harness & lead on him without any issues. He willingly got into her car and lay down quietly.

Debbie took him to her vet, where he had an examination & a rabies shot. He has two growths; one on the top of his head which was badly infected, and one in his ear that, when the vet cleaned his ear, started to bleed. His gums are also infected.

He is on antibiotics for two weeks and Debbie did give him a Drontal Plus to start with his worming. The vet wants to see him in two weeks for the rest of his shots and to look at his wounds. Once his infection is cleared up, we will make plans to have him neutered, teeth cleaned and microchipped. The vet did a complete CBC panel and he is HW & Lyme negative, but his white cells were off a little due to the infection.

The vet said that he between 7 & 8 years old and has had a rough life. Debbie says that he is very sweet and has no issues at all.

Debbie said that he has not made a sound and thought he might be deaf, so her roommate Linda stood behind him and clapped her hands; he turned around and looked at her. He is getting along with all the dogs and slept downstairs in one of the dog beds. Debbie said that he did not want to go upstairs with the rest of them.

Now, how he got his name. When Debbie took him to her vet, Andrew (a vet tech) named him Woody after the character in the movie, Toy Story. The Cowboy came from Debbie, as his food bowls were cowboy hats.

Woody's vet bill so far is $255.10. The vet is not sure how much the surgery on the two growths will be, but they do have to be removed, along with a teeth cleaning, neutering and the rest of his shots.

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