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4 JUNE 201

Ziah sez:

My name is Ziah;
I am around two years old.
I arrived in Kentucky from Florida,
where a nice man found me.
but couldn't keep me.
He contacted CRUSA
and the rest is history.
My thanks to Bill & Tim
who flew down to get me
and bring to my foster mom, BJ.



BJ took me to see Doc Jim for a checkup.
Unfortunately, I have the worst case of heartworm that Doc Jim has seen.
I am on antibiotics; I will have my first treatment next week.
A month later, I'll have my second.


Foster Mom says I will be fine 'cause she knows that
her CRUSA family & friends will send money for my care.
I only weigh 9.2 pounds. I am so sweet,
love to give kisses and my tail loves to wag all the time.
I love to play with toys, too.


BJ adds:

Peggy is here with me now; she says that Ziah is a little sweetheart
and deserves a wonderful life, free from heartworm.
We believe that Ziah was someone's baby girl at one time
because she's so loving.


Please help CRUSA to raise the money for Ziah's heartworm treatment.
She is truly an adorable little girl and I ask - beg! -
that you please keep her in your thoughts & prayers.

Heartworm disease is a
potentially deadly infection,
caused by worms living in
the right side of the dog's
heart & arteries of the lungs.
These worms can grow
to a length of 14 inches!

Heartworm infection can cause
serious damage to the arteries
eventually lead to heart failure
and, in severe cases, damage
liver & kidneys.
In extreme cases,
a dog can be infected with
several hundred heartworms.


Heart of a dog who died
from heartworm infestation


Heart showing
heartworm infestation

Treatment of heartworm consists
of a series of injections of a
drug called Immiticide
(containing arsenic) which
immediately begins to
kill off the worms.
As the worms die & decompose,
pieces are "shed" into
the dog's bloodstream and
filtered out through the lungs.

To insure that these small pieces do not clog the blood vessels and cause fatal embolisms,
it is critical that for the four to six weeks after the injections,
the dog is kept quiet and physical activity is held to an absolute minimum.
That means that Ziah will be confined to a crate or similarily small area.
No running . . . no playing . . . no jumping . . .
and going outside only for bathroom breaks.

Once the initial treatment period is over,
another round of Immiticide might be administered,
followed by another four weeks of restricted activity.

This treatment is expensive.

Dirofilaria immitis

These adult nematodes
are found primarily in the
pulmonary arteries and
sometimes in the right ventricle.
Large numbers of adult
heart worms (as seen here)
can so damage the lining
of the pulmonary vasculature
that pulmonary hypertension
and right-sided heart failure results.


For more information, please visit these two websites:
Living with Bugs: Heartworm, Mosquitoes & Pets
American Heartworm Society


Poor darlin' girl! Thanks to Tim & Bill for getting her to safety!
I hope her HW treatment goes smoothly. Very scary.


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