28 JULY 2013

Jackie writes:

On 28 July 2013, Dogs Trust was celebrating
the first anniversary of its flagship kennel in Loughborough.
making it self sufficient as far as power & heating goes.
I was invited to join the party with a book signing.

On 26 July, Jackie writes:

Well, I have 40 books some loose change, pens, blue tac,
posters, table, chair, parasol, picnic & brother with sat nav
lined up and ready for Sunday.
All I need now is lots of sun and people willing to part
with some dosh in return for a copy of the book.
Tom has decided it's too early a start and too far to travel,
so I volunteered my brother.

On 28 July, Jackie writes:

I went to Loughborough today and survived.
Tom changed his mind again on Saturday and insisted
on driving me there which was just as well
cos I don't have a sat nav.
So I was up at 5.30 feeding dogs, filling flasks, making sandwiches
and packing the car to make sure nothing was left behind.

Tom was as good as his word - up & out for 8.15 a.m. departure.
We went on A47 to Leicester retracing our homeward journey
from the recce we did last week and recognising most of the places.

Then we got to a roundabout . . .


I was sure we should take third exit;
sat nav said second.
We took second;
sat nav said about turn.
We about-turned.
Back at the roundabout,
I expected to take first exit;
sat nav said second.
We took the second;
sat nav said about turn.

We were only 11 miles from our destination
at the roundabout going one way and
16 when we about-turned.

We eventually drove for about a mile ignoring all commands,
then picked up the route again.
The sat nav took us all the way back through the city centre;
just as well it was early Sunday morning.

We eventually got there and I set up the table . . .


They had given me the windiest spot possible and
put me next to a professional market trader;
I don't know if that was helpful or not,
but she did buy a book from me.

I'm not at my best having to engage with strangers,
so I found it very tiring and very hard work.
Tom went off with Elle on his knee;
everyone who asked to pet his dog was told to come
and see the book that was written about her.


Elle trying to look interested

Meanwhile, I was getting a bit demoralised as two hours
had passed and no one had approached me.
I'd tried saying, "Good morning,",
which seemed to scare them and they gave me a wide berth.
I tried saying nothing and they all walked by ignoring me.
I tried saying, "Can I interest you in a book?" and
that seemed to make some people stop and look.


Signing a book for someone

I was so worried that I would sit there for six hours and not sell one book.
At last someone did come and buy a book, which cheered me up,
and once people saw that others were interested in what I was selling,
others came, including the ones Tom was sending over.


I had one person ask me if it was suitable for a four-year-old.
"Well." I replied, "I suppose it would depend on the child.
If she can read about Bambi, then it would probably be ok."

Another asked me if I was that dog whisperer woman,
and when I said, "No," she bought a book.

A couple said they only used Kindle,
so I was able to talk them into downloading it.
A couple said not today, but would be interested
in the book as a gift for a friend.

By the end of the day I'd sold 18 books.
I don't know if that is good or bad as I have
nothing to compare it to, but I think it was good.
It was the hardest day's work I've ever done
and all for £36.00 profit to the kennel;
it probably cost me more than that in fuel & picnic.
But as I said to Tom: It was all about advertising.

It was busy; there must have been about 500 cars in the car parking field.
I thought the organisers might have had a wander round and chat to people,
but none came near our end of the field.
I gave the Dogs Trust £2.00 for every book I sold.

Here are a couple of pics of the view I had of the show . . .


I felt I could not leave my seat in case I missed a sale . . .


. . . so this was all I saw of the show.


I have a whole new respect for stall holders at country fairs now.

On 5 August, Ella Tonge, Support Relations Officer,
Dogs Trust Loughborough, writes:

I would just like to say a big thank you for being part of the first
Dogs Trust Loughborough Summer Show last Sunday.

Despite the wind throughout the day and getting to the field that morning
TO find some of our marquees in the trees, the rest of the day was amazing.

Over 3,000 people attended the show plus there were four-legged friends
and we raised over £11,500 for Dogs Trust, which is great!

The day was a great success, but also a learning curve.
We expected to be busy - but not as busy as we were - which is a good thing.

So just a big big thank you to you as the day was a success
and hope you had a great day as well.

Next year's show is on 27 July, which we expect to be
bigger & better (fingers & paws crossed).

Tom McGuinness crossed The Rainbow Bridge on 4 September 2013.
His In Memoriam site can be seen HERE


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