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23 MARCH 2012


Deb Hodgens writes:

Harry is a six-year-old, brindle-colored,
neutered male Cairn
who had been in the Montgomery, Maryland
Animal Shelter on three different occasions.
The only thing we know for sure about his
background is that he was once hit by a car.

The previous owners returned him to the shelter
because he was snapping & marking in the house.
The shelter informed the FosterMom
that Harry may have cataracts;
it has been CRUSA's experience this could be
a reason for the snapping problem.

Harry was taken to Vet Vision
in Fairfax, Virginia
and examined by Dr. Corcoran,
Veterinary Ophthalmologist.
Harry does have cataracts in both eyes.
He is blind in his right eye;
he has very limited sight in his left.



Cataract removal surgery will restore his eyesight in both eyes.
Dr. Corcoran has removed more than 4,500 cataracts
and highly recommends the surgery.
CRUSA has been given a great discount;
the cataract removal surgery for both eyes will be about $2,500.
Dr. Corcoran stated that Harry will be very adoptable after his surgery;
this has been proven with the recent adoption of Riley in Kentucky
[whose story can be read HERE].


CRUSA has a long history of helping Cairns with special needs.
Blind dogs can lead full & happy lives,
but most potential adopting families are unaware of this fact.
Blind dogs do have special requirements to ensure a
happy & healthy relationship with their family.
They need more personal space, must be approached slowly
while talking to them and a home without children is almost a must.


Finding the right Forever Family for Harry could prove to be a long
and perhaps even more costly feat than raising the funds
to have the cataracts removed. The last dog with limited vision
fostered by CRUSA waited two years for his Forever Home.
William was finally adopted by a family that had experience with a blind dog;
ideally, if Harry does not receive the cataract surgery,
he, too, should wait for a Forever Family that has experience with blind dogs.

Harry is only six years old;
the surgery will tremendously improve his chances
of finding a Forever Home sooner than later.
He is a very lovable dog and is by nature a very gentle boy.
He enjoys sleeping in bed with his FosterMom,
but she has to make sure he stays in his spot.
Dogs with limited eyesight do not like to be bumped
during the night because it scares them.
Harry loves to be scratched; belly rubs are a special treat for him.
His FosterMom has no doubts that Harry will make someone a wonderful pet.

On 26 October, Deb writes:

Harry has had his surgery and can now see!
Also, he has been adopted!


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