8 MAY 2017

Here is Bonny's Physical Exam Report Card:


Dr. Hathaway writes:

Overall things look pretty good, but we need to discuss two areas of potential concern.

1) She has a mild increase in her liver values (ALT, ALP, AST, GGT).
Considering the ALT is most increased, there is concern for active damage to liver.
These changes can be from inflammation/infection/neoplasia/toxin/
metabolism of some meds (ie. Xanax).
These numbers may also be on the mend or they may be increasing.
Hard to tell given this is just a snapshot in time for Bonny.
2) Her urine revealed mild increase in white blood cells and rare bacteria.
This may indicate some vaginitis or the very start of a UTI.

Our options for liver:
1) Recheck in one month so we can monitor its trends over time
(probably what I would do considering she doesn't seem ill);
2) Perform further tests for liver (ie. Bile Acids for liver function
and/or abdominal ultrasound to look at liver/gall bladder architecture).

I recommend monitoring her urinations for any changes in frequency
or amount and monitor for any licking at her vulva.
If seen, let me know.

As with JACOPO IN COLORADO, Bonny's age and mouth infection
would/could exlain these high liver values.
I immediately began giving her Milk Thistle to help her liver.

Violetta asked how bad Bonny's breath was,
I replied, "If I could bottle it, I could sell it as an appetite suppressant,
and she LOVES to give sloppy slurpy kisses."

Bonny's dental is schedule for 7 June.

It embarasses me to admit this, but I completely forgot about taking pictures.
Dr. Hathaway said we'll just have to 'reconstruct the scene'
when Bonny comes in for her dental.

Instead, here are some pics of the dog activity this May Sunday morning . . .


For the first time, Bonny sleeps in one of the dog beds;
still right close to me, but much more comfortable than a tile floor.


Daisy2Legs actually DRAGS the dog bed under the couch . . .


. . . and Rico, who is greatly disturbed by all the tumult and disorder in the house
during the past week (showings to sell it), does the same under the chair.


They have to have their safe spaces. They also want to be able to see and hear what's goin' on.

They all LOOK so cute! But we know that reality can be quite different.


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