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6 OCTOBER 2009

In a roundabout way that is way too convoluted to go into here (and for which we thank Lorry Cook in Illinois), ATRA found that two females would be available, possibly the mudders of the brudders Bosco (whose story is HERE), Lucky (whose story is HERE), Bucko (whose story is HERE) & Griff (whose story is HERE)

We went into action yet again: Mission Impossible 4. This time, however, I would play the part of Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), and the mission was set to roll on Tuesday, 6 October, at 11 a.m. Then to the vet for vetting at 3:40 p.m., and bathing and overnight boarding. On Wednesday, Barth & Penny Leatherman will meet us in - where else - Fond du Lac, to bring them back to Oshkosh for fostering.

There is the possibility of a third mudder available, in which case my friend and Westie Rescuer Vern Wienke, would step in and take that one . . . he lives in the same town as "Farmer Mike", which will be convenient.

We can only hope this indicates "Farmer Mike" is going out of the Airedale breeding business. We shall wait & see, unless the town can somehow shut him down before he starts a new breeding season in the spring.


11:05 A.M.


At once, which was a trick - two into a crate, which we put sideways so the third would stay in the back for the 15-minute ride home . . . yeah, right. This is an AIREDALE, remember, so within five minutes, she crawled around the crate and was snuffling in my ear as I drove home. I managed to keep her from jumping into the front seat to help me drive, but I was glad to get her home and into a crate.


All three are now crated, in our garage, howling their shaggy heads off . . . our Cairns aren't being very quiet, either. GOOD THING all my neighbors have jobs and are gone for the day!


So, what do they look like? Imagine the WORST condition you've ever seen - dreadlocks, mud, burrs & poopies in the beard - and triple that. Oh, let us not forget the STENCH.


Comments from Farmer Mike:

My groomer's been sick.
(For what - five years?)

Too bad it rained today; they got all muddy.
(That's five years' worth of mud on those dogs,
Farmer Mike, not just from this morning's rain.)

I haven't had any litters for over a year;
the economy is so bad, I plan to keep it that way.


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