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8 AUGUST 2010

Linda Savage writes:

Nanci Keklak from the Jersey Shore Animal Center got in touch with CRUSA about a six-year-old spayed female who was surrendered to their shelter because the owners were getting divorced. Due to lack of proper diet & veterinary care, Daisy got a terrible skin & ear infection so consequently was turned over to the shelter.

Bob McMurray in Massachusetts is Daisy's new Foster Dad; he will be working on getting Daisy's skin & ears just right. Barbara Dulaney in Washington has been in touch with Bob Mc about what needs to be done in the way of meds, food, shampoo, etc. (Daisy will be taken to Bob's vet ASAP). You will remember that Barbara fostered Ruthie with the same skin issues and turned that little girl around and got her adopted last year. So we all are hoping for the same for Daisy.


CRUSA thanks go to Eileen & Paul for picking up Daisy
and Bob S for arranging the transport to get Daisy to Bob McM.


Eileen Kemp's Transport Log:

8:25 AM

We arrived at Jersey Shore Animal Center in Brick, New Jersey, which appears to be a rather large, well-run facility. The staff was very friendly & accommodating.

Although the shelter said she was shy, when Daisy was brought out to us, I put my closed hand out for her to sniff and I immediately got several licks. The same thing happened when Paul offered his hand to her. So, she seems affectionate. While she noticed the cats at the shelter, she did not bark at them or seem aggressive in any way towards them. We even walked out the door past several cats in floor-level cages that were just arriving at the shelter - no reaction.

Driving Driving

Miss Daisy left the shelter with some new bling: A CRUSA tag, a shelter tag and a tag for her newly-acquired microchip. The shelter provided us with some food, as well as her medications, which include allergy meds, ear drops for her ear infection and medicated shampoo for her skin condition. She has a bad case of "Elephant Skin" due to allergies untreated by the previous owner.


The shelter told us Miss Daisy was surrendered the day she had been taken to the vet, when the owner was told all that would have to be done to care for her condition.

We noticed that when she walks, she likes to piddle . . . twice. She was very quiet for the car ride and seemed to get comfortable in the crate without any fuss.


Paul; Bob holding Daisy; Eileen
(Bob looks rested after his successful TRI for TOTOS fundraiser,
which can be seen HERE)

When we arrived at Bob & Rosemary Shire's house for the next leg of the transfer, Daisy came out of the crate, went for a little walk, again piddling twice, and then met Bob. She did not seem to mind being picked up; we even posed with her for pictures. She went into the crate for Bob and was driven off on the next leg of the journey to her foster home.

We certainly enjoyed our time Driving Miss Daisy!

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8 AUGUST 2010

Bob Shire's Transport Log:

I said goodbye to Eileen & Paul and hit the road. An hour and a half later, I was in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant in Darien, Connecticut, where I was to meet Lisa G., who works with the Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) and had kindly agreed to fill a gap in our transport.

I arrived first and decided to offer Daisy some water and let her stretch her legs. Just a couple minutes later, Lisa & a friend arrived. They showed Daisy gentle attention, and all three of us were smitten with this scared, partially-shaved little dog. I left Daisy in their good hands, and they left to meet up in Wallingford, Connecticut with Bob McMurray, who would be driving Daisy back to Massachusetts to foster her.


Miss Daisy is lucky to have so many "drivers"!


Poor Miss Daisy. I've only one good thing to say about her owners and that is they eventually found the good sense to let her go to people who do care and through them she found her way to CRUSA.


Medical & transport costs for these and other puppymill rescues add up.
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DAISY was rescued, rehabilitated &
will be available through CairnRescueUSA.

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