Outside of a dog, a woman's best friend
is a book; inside of a dog, it's very dark.

-- Groucho Marx


Anim Anim



Gr Animal Blessings:
Prayers & Poems Celebrating Our Pets

by June Cotner

Gr C*t Spelled Backwards Doesn't Spell God:
Portraits of Divine Dogs

by Jeff Selis

Gr The Company of Dogs:
21 Stories by Contemporary Masters

edited by Michael Rosen

Gr Cooking With Dogs
by Karen Dowell

No, this is NOT a recipe book,
but one filled with delightful doggie
vignettes & musings, written by
Karen and illustrated by various artists.
You can order it HERE;
I guarantee you'll enjoy it!

Gr A Dog Blessing
by Welleran Poltarnees

Gr Dog Dogs
by Elliott Erwitt

Hundreds of black & white dog photos -
what more does a dog lover need?

Given to me by Nancy Kaye for the Howlidays 2001

Gr The Dog Lovers Book of 21 Postcards

Given to me by Peggy Welch, Sue Dugan
& Mary Plovanich in June 1998

Gr Dog Lover's Reader:
A Roundup of True Stories, Humor,
Keen Psychological Insights,
Unusual Information, Cartoons
& Great Fiction About
[Wo]man's Most Devoted Friend

edited by Timothy T. Clarke

Given to me by Dennis Duklas

Gr Dog People:
Writers & Artists on Canine Companionship

edited by Michael Rosen

Given to me by Marilyn & Ken Oliak for the Howlidays 1996

(of Bonnie the Scottie & Duchess & Lady Jane the Airedales fame)

Gr Dog Quotations:
A Collection of Appealing Pictures & the Best Dog Quotes

edited by Helen Exley

Given to me by Cornelia & Keith,
Buttons, Nouget & Chester Tegart
of Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada
for New Year 1998

Gr The Dog Rules (Damn Near Everything!)
by William J. Thomas

Given to me by AmyMarie Fornelli
in June 2003, "just because".
It's a very amusing book.

Gr Dog-Tales
by Myron Wilson Beck

Gr Dogs
by Rien Poortvliet

The illustrator of Gnomes
writes about Dutch dogs

Gr Dogs and Their Women
by Barbara Cohen & Louise Taylor

Given to me by Jeanne & Ken Abrahamson for the Howlidays 1995

(who are ca*t people, but good friends just the same)

Gr The Dog's Tale:
A History of [Wo]Man's Best Friend

by Lloyd Grossman

Given to me by the Oliak Pack for the Howlidays 1998

(Bonnie the Scottie & Duchess & Lady Jane the Airedales)

"Accompanies the major BBC TV series"

Gr First Dogs:
American Presidents & Their Best Friends

by Roy Rowan & Brooke Janis

Given to me by Marilyn & Ken Oliak for Scottie-sitting
Bonnie the Scottie, May 1998

Gr Funny Dogs
edited by J.C. Suares

Gr Good Dogs

Doggie quotes;several drawings & photos of Airedales & Scotties -
what more could you ask for?!

Gr Guys & Dogs
edited by Ruth Berman; photographs by Laurie Schneider

Gr How Dogs Really Work
by Alan Snow

Given to us by Tim, Lois & Mac (@RB) Fulton

Gr It's About Dogs
Poems by Tony Johnston
Paintings by Ted Rand

Gr James Herriott's Dog Stories

Gr Little Book of Dogs
selected by Caroline Walsh

Given to me by Peggy Welch, JoAnne Relich,
Sue Dugan & Mary Plovanich
in June 1997

Gr Living with Dogs:
Tales of Love, Commitment
& Enduring Friendship

edited by Henry & Mary Ellen Korman

Given to me by Ron Story
for my Birthday 1997

Gr Mac
by Cecil Aldin

Given to me by Nancy Kaye
in March 1998, "just because"

This is a reprint of a 1920's book;
Mac is a Wheaten Scottie who tells
his adventures in Scottish dialect.
Hoot mon, it's a verra cute book!

Gr My Loyal Friend:
Our Pets Bring Out the Best in Us

illustrated with drawings by Jim Daly

Gr Puppy Victoriana

Gr Puppydogs:
A Photographic Celebration

by Hulton Getty

Given to me by Lesley Mattuchio
in March 2003, "just because"

Gr Quotable Canine
by Jim Dratfield & Paul Coughlin

Given to me by Marilyn & Ken Oliak for the Howlidays 1995

(of Bonnie the Scottie & Duchess & Lady Jane the Airedales fame)

Gr Quotable Dog: A Dog Lover's Treasury of Observations
on Our Canine Companions

compiled by Greg Snider

There's an Airedale on the cover!

Gr Pets' Letters to God
translated by Mark Bricklin

Gr SIT! The Dog Portraits of Thierry Poncelet
with text by Bruce McCall

Gr Tails From the Bark Side:
True Stories From the Family Dog Files

selected by Brian Kilcommons & Sarah Wilson

Given to us by The Oliak Pack for the Howlidays 1997

(Bonnie the Scottie & Duchess & Lady Jane the Airedales)

Gr Thurber's Dogs

Gr Top Dog:
A Keepsake Journal for My Dog

by Julie Glantz

Gr What Dogs Do
by Sharon Beals

Gr Woman's Best Friend
by Barbara Cohen & Louise Taylor

This is the sequel to Dogs and Their Women;
contains photos & an essay by Alexandra Day,
author of the wonderful Carl the Rottweiler
series mentioned below

Gr Zen Dog
concept by Judith Adler
photographs by Toni Tucker



Gr Book of the Dog

Gr The Dog:
Selection, Care, Training, Nutrition,
Health, Breeding, Showing

by Phil Maggitt, ed.

Gr Dogs:
Selecting the Best Dog For You

by Chris Nelson

Gr Encyclopedia of the Dog
by Bruce Fogle, DVM

Gr Reader's Digest Illustrated Book of Dogs, 2nd edition

Gr Save That Dog!
Everything you need to know
about adopting a purebred rescue dog

by Liz Palika

Given to me by Marilyn & Ken Oliak for Scottie-sitting
Bonnie the Scottie, January 1999

Gr Treasury of Dogs
by Wendy Booher, et al

Gr Ultimate Dog Sticker Book



Gr Dog Album:
A Pet Owner's Memory Book

by Endler Sterbenz
illustrated by Ernest Neiter & Harrison Wier

Gr Dog Lover's Journal:
An Illustrated Notebook with Quotes

Gr The Dog You Care For:
A Manual for Dog Care

by Felicia Ames

There's an Airedale on the cover!

Gr Dogs Never Lie About Love:
Reflections on the Emotional World of Dogs

by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson

Given to me by Bonnie the Scottie Oliak
for Scottie-sitting her during 1997

Gr Dogwatching
by Desmond Morris

Gr Guilt-Free Dog Owner's Guide:
Caring for a Dog When You're
Short on Time and Space

by Diana Delmar

Gr How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend
by The Monks of New Skete

Gr How to Talk to Your Dog
by Jean Craighead George

Gr Illustrated Dog's Life
by Warren Eckstein & Andrea Simon

Gr Illustrated Dogwatching
by Desmond Morris

Gr Know Your Dog:
An Owner's Guide to Dog Behavior

by Bruce Fogle, DVM

Gr World of Dogs
by Wendy Booher



Gr Gifts for Your Dog:
Over 30 Terrr-ific Homemade Presents
Your Dog Will Drool Over

by Reader's Digest

There's an Airedale on the cover!

Gr Pamper Your Pooch:
How to Delight Your Dog -
Practical Projects to Prove You Care

text by Eve Devereaux
photography by Jane Burton



Gr Mutts
written & illustrated by Patrick McDonnell

Gr C*ts and Dogs: Mutts II
written & illustrated by Patrick McDonnell

Gr Remembering Farley
written & illustrated by Lynn Johnston



Gr Angel Pawprints:
Reflections on Loving & Losing a Canine Companion:
An Anthology of Pet Memorials

edited by Laurel E. Hunt
illustrated with vintage photographs

Gr Dog Heaven
written & illustrated by Cynthia Ryland

Gr Emma's Journey
written by Bill Molyneux & Sue Forrester
illustrated by Jane Dingwell

Given to me by Bill Molyneux & Sue Forrester
upon Misha's crossing the Rainbow Bridge, 14 September 2001

Gr Good-Bye, My Friend:
Pet Cemetaries, Memorials & other Ways to Remember:
A Collections of Thoughts, Feelings & Resources

by Michele Lance-Altomare

Gr Remembering Farley
written & illustrated by Lynn Johnston



Gr The Dog Made Me Buy It!
A Treasury of Dogs Who Sold Yesterday's Products

by Alice L. Muncaster & Ellen Sawyer


Gr A Treasury of Scottie Dog Collectibles:
Identification & Values, Volumes 1, 2 & 3

by Candace Sten Davis & Patricia Baugh

who adopted ZOE from CRUSA;
you can read about her HERE

These books can be ordered directly from

Collector Books
P. O. Box 3009
Padukah, KY 42002-3009
$19.95 plus $2.00 s&h



Gr Bark! The Herald Angels Sing

Found at Best Buy in the
Bargain Holiday CD Rack,
the Howlidays 1997
it's a hoot!

You can hear samples of this CD HERE

Gr Holiday Hounds: Traditional Songs for Festive Dogs
text by Laurie Loughlin
illustrated by Mary Ross

My thanks to Doug, Steph
& Conner of CANINE-L
for telling me about this book!

Gr The Night Before Dog-Mas
text by Claudine Gandolfi
illustrated by Karen Anaguust

Given to me by
Briggsie (@RB) & Hershey (@RB) Fernandez
for my birthday, 1998.



Gr Songs for Dogs
(and the People Who Love Them)

text & songs
by Anne Bryant & Ellen Bernfeld
illustrated by Iatridis Design

CD & book given to me by Ron Story
for my birthday 1996
they're great fun!



Gr Bedtime Stories for Dogs
by Leigh Anne Jasheway

Gr The Caribbean Foulball Caper
by Winslow & Richard Pels
illustrated by Winslow Pels

Gr The C*taract of Lodore
by Robert Southey
illustrated by David C*trow

Gr Comet's Nine Lives
written & illustrated by Jan Brett

Even though the main character is a c*t,
Jan Brett's dog drawings are marvelous!

Gr Dog
written & illustrated by Robert J. Blake

The most wonderful book
about loving a dog I've read

Gr The Dog That Pitched a No-Hitter
by Matt Christopher
illustrated by Daniel Vasconcellos

It's an Airedale, of course!

Gr The Dog Who Cried WOOF
by Nancy Coffelt

It's an Airedale, of course!

Gr The Doorknob of Destiny
by Winslow & Richard Pels
illustrated by Winslow Pels

Gr The First Dog
written & illustrated by Jan Brett

An excellent book to read
while listening to the song
of the same name on the CD,
Songs for Dogs, mentioned above

Gr Higglety Pigglety Pop!
or There Must Be More To Life

written & illustrated by Maurice Sendak

Featuring a Sealyham,
which I've heard is his own dog

Gr I Really Want a Dog
by Susan Breslow & Sally Blakemore
illustrated by True Kelley

Gr Morris Brookside, a Dog
by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
illustrated by Ronald Himler

Gr Puppy Who Wanted a Boy
by Jane Thayer
illustrated by Lisa McCue

Gr Wake Up, Mr. B
by Penny Dale

Mr. B is an Airedale!


Ph Ph

Carl the Rottweiler series
by Alexandra Day

Gr Good Dog, Carl

Also available in a pop-up version as

Gr Carl Pops Up

A parody of this book is

Gr Bad Dog, Andy
by Cassandra Peterson
[you might know her as Elvira]
& John Pargon
illustrated by Cathy Pavia

Gr Carl Goes Shopping

Gr Carl's Christmas

Gr Carl's Afternoon in the Park

Gr Carl's Masquerade

Gr Carl Goes to Daycare

Gr Carl Makes a Scrapbook

Gr Carl's Birthday


Ph Ph

Books written & illustrated
by William Wegman

Gr A B C

Signed by the Author
But Not by the Dogs

Gr One, Two, Three

Gr Triangle, Square, Circle


Anim Wolf Anim

Gr Brother Wolf: A Seneca Tale
by Harriet Peck Taylor

Given to me by Sandy Armstrong, April 1998

Gr Paul and the Wolf
by Margo Lemieux
illustrated by Bill Nelson

Gr Wolves
text &photographic selection
by Candace Savage
foreword by L. David Mech


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located, unfortunately for me, in New York City.
But their Site is great for perusing.



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